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Verbeke Foundation Artist Books Stan Wannet - Rational Animal

Auteur: Stan Wannet | Prijs: € 19.50

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Stan Wannet (Overloon, the Netherlands 1977) has been working as an artist for over 14 years. His work is consists of mechanical installations, performances and experimental video, all of which is written in the same slightly uncanny visual language. His detailed assemblages show a distinctive mishmash of electro-mechanical systems, found objects and absurd figurations. Stan manages to combine intellectual themes with technology in a poetic way that seems perfectly natural.
By forcing his tragi comical characters to obey to formal and repetitive laws, laid down by the machinery hidden within them, an inherently irrational form of meaning arises, that is both easy to read and incomprehensible.

In 2008 he got his bachelor degree electronic engineering, graduating cum laude on an extremely energy inefficient generator, driven by 48 robotic hamsters. From 2009 till 2011 he worked as a hardware developer at the V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam. He is a founding member of the internationally operating art collective "Nieuw Brabants Front" and works as an artist duo under the name "Common Sense" with South African performance artist Leila Anderson. Many of his works are collected and exhibited by Belgium collector Geert Verbeke.

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€ 19,50

Gratis bezorging vanaf € 19,95 euro - Levering in Nederland en België

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Monografieen (kunst)

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Uitgever Van Spijk Rekafa Publishers
Pagina's 104
ISBN 9789062169849
Verschenen 29-05-2015
Productvorm Harde kaft
Datum verschijning 00-00-0000

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